Spotless Cleaning & Janitorial

"We make quality affordable!"

Spotless Cleaning & Janitorial - "We make quality affordable!"


           Spotless Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Professional Residential & Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

  “We Make Quality Affordable!”  

           Nashua, NH –  Manchester, NH   –  Dover, NH  –  Hampton, NH                                                                            (and surrounding)

  Brad & Michelle - Founder's

Owner and Operator’s – Brad & Michelle

                  “Local Family Owned and Operated in N.H. Since 2003″  

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*** We are proud to have added a ‘Service Request Form’ located on the right hand side of this page, this makes it convenient for you to request exactly the type of service you are looking for and it allows us to prepare the proper feedback to answer you.***

When we started our operation in 2003, we adopted the old business adage “To be terrific, you need to be specific!” The way we implement this into our operation is we listen to the client describe their ‘Specific’ problem and their expectations, then we design a specific plan that will include ‘Specific Cleaning Chemicals – Specific Cleaning Equipment along with Specific Cleaning Methods allow us to offer the client a much better result because of our planning and implementation process and this applies to both residential and commercial clients.

Not only does our process allow us to provide quality results but it allows us to utilize our time more efficiently and effectively so that we do not need to rush to cut down labor costs or go slow to achieve quality, we consistently use this method so that we consistently deliver quality.


The 'Family' Crew

The ‘Family’ Crew

~ Family Owned & Operated in N.H. ~

Even though we are a small operation, averaging 12 employees we are employ enough workers so that we can operate 2 separate divisions, which is our Residential Cleaning and our Commercial/Janitorial Services Divisions. Since each division requires specific equipment, chemicals and cleaning methods we make sure that we properly assign each job to workers who have the training and experience to provide the client with quality results.



** We have EXPANDED our service areas to include the following in and around:

Manchester, NH: Bedford, NH ◆ Amherst, NH ◆ Milford, NH ◆                                                             Goffstown, NH ◆ Brookline, NH ◆ Hollis, NH ◆                                                         Salem, NH ◆ Windham, NH ◆ Hudson, NH (and More!)

Dover, NH:             Somersworth, NH ◆ Exeter, NH ◆ Stratham, NH ◆                                                   Rochester, NH ◆ Newmarket, NH ◆ Strafford, NH                                                     Lee, NH ◆ Durham, NH ◆ Barrington, NH (and More!)

Hampton, NH:      Portsmouth, NH ◆ Rye, NH ◆ Greenland, NH ◆                                                         Seabrook, NH ◆ Kensington, NH ◆ Kingston, NH                                                       Hampstead, NH ◆ (and More!)


We Offer Professional Cleaning Services, Such as:

  • Scheduled House Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Move- Out Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning (Interior & Exterior)
  • Pressure Washing
  • Building Maintenance Cleaning
  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Odor Removal (with Ozone)
  • Post-Construction Cleanup


INTRODUCING OUR:                                                                                    “Work-in-Progress”  Program!


Proving one more reason why we are different from other cleaning services!

“Customers are provided with a password secured link on our website so they can see the progress of our work on demand through pictures we choose post as well as pictures of specified areas requested by the customer on demand by the customer to ensure that areas of concern are being serviced at the customers level of expectation.”

Just one more thing that makes us different is offering clients our FREE OF CHARGE “Work-in-Progress” program. Here is the scoop…

How many times have you hired a contractor to perform work and while you are off conducting other tasks or just to be out of the way, naturally you worry! You wonder how the progress is coming along and sometimes we worry of the worst… Did the contractor ever show up to start? Did they Finish? Where is the proof of any of this?

And while yes, most contractors do take pictures of the work when they are done to show absent customers that they have completed the task they were hired to do, but we take that to a much higher level by posting pictures as we go along and allowing the customer to specifically request pictures of areas of concern with any notes of progress so that there are no bad surprises at the end of the job. Nobody can perform miracles, but we feel that if the customer can see the proof of progress made with honest attempts using the best chemicals, equipment, methods and experience they might be more willing to accept that if we cannot get it clean, nobody can.